About the Mobility-as-a-Service.Blog

Today’s traffic accounts for about one third of our CO2 emissions, accounts for about one million casualties and even more people killed by air pollution per year and vast amounts of lifetime wasted in congestion. But Information Technology is about to revolutionize the way how we commute and can make it more efficient, safer and more convenient. This blog discusses Mobility as a Service aspects such as:

  • Mobility on Demand (MoD) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • MaaS business models
  • Public transport and public-private partnerships
  • Mobility marketplaces
  • Information technology
  • Mobility data standards and exchange
  • New Mobility operations and service quality
  • Mobility hubs and stations
  • and more …

This non-profit blog has no scientific aspiration but aims to be thought-provoking and action-oriented. Challenging comments and additional insights will be more than welcome.